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Living a healthfully is a way of life, fueling your body, mind and spirit with nourishment.  Wellness is more than the food we eat and working out hard, it is also surrounding yourself with the people and things that make you happy.  We guide you to live the healthy life that you deserve, simplified.

Do you feel like you work so hard and get nowhere with your fitness? Have you tried every weight loss program out there only to stall in your progress? Over-exercising and under-eating stress our bodies, preventing us from meeting our fitness goals. You need a sustainable lifestyle in which you eat more, exercise less and feel better than ever before.

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.  Whole food nutrition inside, safer products outside.  Beauty should be good for you.

Healthy without the Struggle

You want to look good, feel fit and have enough energy to take care of your family, home and career.  You want simple.  And you don’t want to feel guilty doing it.  You are bombarded with confusing information about how to be healthy, how to be a mom, how to be a woman living a healthy, happy life.

I know you.  I am you.  I am a busy wife and mom just like you.  I’ve felt frustrated with information overload, lack of results and lack of motivation to do it all on my own.

It is possible to take care of yourself, get fit and be healthy without consuming all of your time and energy.   I will show you how.


Erika McCallister health coach
Erika McCallister, MD

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