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Lessons from the 'Natty: What My Son’s Football Journey Taught Me About Winning at Health

February 09, 20243 min read

In a year filled with unprecedented challenges and victories, my family embarked on an incredible journey alongside my son, a football player for the University of Washington. Their path to the National Championship was not just a testament to athletic prowess but a source of profound life lessons. As we navigated the highs and lows of an almost perfect season, the parallels between striving for success on the field and achieving our health and wellness goals became strikingly clear. This journey, culminating in a hard-fought National Championship game in Houston earlier this month, taught us invaluable lessons about commitment, perseverance, and community that I believe can inspire us all, especially in our quests for better health.

Lessons from the 'Natty

  1. Commitment to the Goal: The unwavering commitment of the team to their goal of reaching the national championship was nothing short of inspirational. Just like in health, setting a vision and committing to it wholeheartedly is the first step towards achievement. Your health goals, whether it’s losing weight, gaining strength, or simply feeling better in your skin, require a clear vision. Commitment means setting your sights on what matters most and pushing forward, regardless of the hurdles. Remember, without a steadfast commitment, goals remain just distant dreams.

  2. Do the Work: Watching my son and his team dedicate themselves daily for months and months to their dream reinforced a universal truth: success demands hard work, and it doesn't come overnight. In health, as on the field, there are no shortcuts. The path to wellness is paved with consistency, effort, and sometimes, sweat and tears. Whether it's committing to daily walks, choosing nutritious foods, or managing stress, the key is to embrace the process no matter what. Progress in health, much like in football, might not always be linear or immediately visible, but every step forward counts towards your goal.

  3. It Takes a Village: Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of this journey was witnessing the power of unity. Each team member knew that while individual commitment was crucial, the collective support of teammates and coaches was indispensable. This mirrors the journey to better health during life's transitions, like menopause, where changes can feel overwhelming and isolating. Remember, we're stronger together. Leaning on friends, family, or a supportive community can provide the encouragement, accountability, and joy needed to navigate the path to our best selves.

As I reflect on this remarkable season, the lessons learned extend far beyond the football field. They remind us that our health, much like a championship, is won through commitment, hard work, and community. While the final game didn’t end as we had hoped, the journey was full of victories that transcended the scoreboard. It taught us about resilience, the beauty of shared goals, and the strength found in unity. As we apply these lessons to our health journeys, let’s move forward with the same heart, dedication, and teamwork that brought a team to the National Championship. Here's to winning at health, together!

Let's take these lessons to heart and apply them to our own health and wellness journeys. Share your goals, your commitments, and let’s support each other in doing the work and building our village. Because together, there’s no goal we can’t achieve. Share your thoughts and commitments in the comments below or reach out directly. Let’s embark on this journey to better health together!

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